Woof Woof Reviews New York City Fashion Week



Woof Woof always had a penchant for fashion and lifestyle. He picked a pair of my heels that were out style as one of his first chew toys. He favors savory over sweet treats. He only likes lean cuts of steak and rejected a fatty steak bone. So it makes sense that he was the only dog reviewing the Dog and Co. Fashion Show in New York City. He sat next to a seat marked for Teen Vogue in the press section.


The fashion was really cute and affordable. Woof Woof let me know he approved of his black sweatshirt with metallic sleeves and hood by not trying to remove it with paws or teeth. The sweatshirt is designed by Eye of Dog.

He took his red carpet pic and then went hunting for other dogs to play with. He picked a Dachshund named Bowser adorned in a leopard print hoodie and grey backpack to be his playmate. Bowser is adoptable from PetStarzRescue. So is Matilda the Chihuahua who sported a heart shirt and Leo, a Min Pin, who contrasted his black hoodie with a red harness.

Woof Woof acted disinterested in the fashion show itself, ignoring the dog on a skateboard. He chose instead to quietly clean himself at the end of the runway.

When the show was over, he took a stroll to Ellary’s, an organic eatery that offered him a watermelon juice ice pop on a bison stick. He finished his day at the Morganthal Frederics Eyewear, where he was handed a dog biscuit next to $2,000 Cartier glasses. With the exception of most restaurants, all shops in The Shops at Columbus Circle aren’t just dog friendly but dog encouraging. They want you to bring your furry friends, whether you’re going to Michael Kors, Hugo Boss or H & M. The shopping center is located just across the street from Central Park, the largest park in the city. Dog & Co. is located next door in the shops near the Columbus Circle subway station. Woof Woof loves the shop because #woof is written on the store window.

To shop Woof Woof’s look or other snazzy, very human like dog clothes, check shopdogandco.com.

Woof Woof Travels
Woof Woof, a 6-month mini schnauzer, is our official travel blogger. He travels the world reviewing hotels, restaurants and his experiences. Check out his columns every Wednesday. The column is co-written by his dog parent, travel writer Reyna Gobel. Her travel articles have published in Costco Connection, Southwest Spirit, American Way, and Hemispheres.


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