Woof Woof Travels to Tucson, Arizona – First Stop

Lodge at Ventana Canyon, Tucson, AZ

Lodge at Ventana Canyon, Tucson, AZ

First Stop: The Lodge at Ventana Canyon

Woof Woof lives in New York City and wanted his first night’s stay to be at a place that was away from the city. He chose The Lodge at Ventana Canyon. The place was so dog friendly that he was given a dog toy in a bag that says, “Someday I hope to be the person my dog thinks I am.“

For added canine pleasure, request a corner room with a mountain view. On the corner, your dog can see mountain views from both sides. There are two sliding glass doors that lead onto acres of green grass. Woof Woof enjoyed looking out the windows and the glass doors that open on to the grass for his morning walks. He greatly enjoyed the no cellphone policy throughout the property.

The room itself was 800 square feet. There’s a full kitchen, dining area, living room and ginormous shower with a glass door. Woof Woof loved rounding the corner with his new dog toy. He had tons of space to play and it added to his tranquil but playful experience.

For the humans, there are two golf courses, tennis courts and a resort pool. The mountain golf course is a mini course with 3 holes. It’s known for the views and being amid the natural cactus plants. Then the Canyon course has 18 holes. Groups will come in to share the large rooms and can always bring their dogs. There is a $100 pet fee per stay, whether you are bringing dogs of any size or your cat.

There are trails you can walk to from the hotel. However, they don’t allow dogs. In the Tucson area there is a fear of small animals like dogs attracting mountain lions. Both the human and dog may get eaten.

Instead, it’s suggested to take your dog to the trails on top of the Santana Catalina Mountains. Dogs are safer there but you still have to watch for bears.

For more on the Lodge at Ventana Canyon, checkout thelodgeatventanacanyon.com

Woof Woof Travels
Woof Woof, a 6-month mini schnauzer, is our official travel blogger. He travels the world reviewing hotels, restaurants and his experiences. Check out his columns every Wednesday. The column is co-written by his dog parent, travel writer Reyna Gobel. Her travel articles have published in Costco Connection, Southwest Spirit, American Way, and Hemispheres.


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