Woof Woof Travels to Tucson, Arizona – Second Stop


Second Stop: The Downtown Clifton Hotel

After spending the first night in Tucson at The Lodge, Woof Woof was ready to explore the city. He chose to stay at the Downtown Clifton Hotel. During the day, the outside looks like any basic motel. From the inside, it’s a trendy room with local furniture, snacks and vacation reading. The flat screen television has Roku and Netflix services.

The Mexican blanket and wood bed were Woof Woof’s favorite feature. As soon as he entered the room, he went straight for the bed covered with a Mexican blanket. He didn’t bother to sniff his other surroundings. He just stood with his front paws on the bed, signaling he wanted to be lifted on top.

In town, Woof Woof dined at the Guadalajara Original Grill in Tucson. It’s a local’s favorite. They’re known for homemade salsa and fabulous fajitas. Of course, Woof Woof ordered the fajitas at the outdoor tables. He skipped the onions and salsa. We filled exactly one tortilla for him. He had a bowl of water to wash down his meal.

For sightseeing, we took him for a drive up the Santana Catalina Mountains. He took turns looking out side windows and the windshield to get all views as we climbed over 5,000 feet. While he sided against hiking at the top where he wouldn’t get eaten by mountain lions, he enjoyed his trip.

When he returned to the hotel, it was well lit by strings of light over the courtyard. It highlighted the boxed cactus garden accenting the door to our room.

In the morning, he was ready for breakfast. The Downtown Clifton isn’t one of those continental breakfast places with cereal, milk, and pastries. They give you a $10 gift certificate for the 5 Points Market. It’s an organic eatery with dishes such as breakfast salads with eggs served over butternut squash. He chose a side of bacon with a piece of the seared butternut squash. He stopped at one slice of bacon to not overstuff himself. He’s health conscious.

If visiting Tucson, checkout the National Park Services Pet Information for Tucson, The Downtown Clifton, 5 Points Market, and Guadalajara Original Grill.

Woof Woof Travels
Woof Woof, a 6-month mini schnauzer, is our official travel blogger. He travels the world reviewing hotels, restaurants and his experiences. Check out his columns every Wednesday. The column is co-written by his dog parent, travel writer Reyna Gobel. Her travel articles have published in Costco Connection, Southwest Spirit, American Way, and Hemispheres.


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