Woof Woof Learns How to Wear Boots

When you’re a dog born to travel, boots are essential for so many activities from hiking to walking on salt covered snowy streets and sidewalks in the winter. So Woof Woof was very fortunate that Ruffwear sent him all weather boots for his journeys.

woofwoofbootsHowever, getting him to wear them is another story. So before he takes his next trip, we followed as many tips as possible for getting Woof Woof to wear them.

Here are five tips for getting your dog to wear boots:

1.     Ruffwear tip: Don’t laugh. This may be difficult, but laughing is likely to cause your dog further anxiety.

Woof Woof and I’s experience: I stayed calm while he got used to new foot clothing.

2.     Ruffwear tip: Engage your dog. Immediately engage your dog in their favorite activity to distract them from the boots.  For example, a walk, a trick, or fetch with their favorite toy.  Eventually, if you are consistent, they will associate the boots with this activity and will have a positive reaction when the boots come out.

Woof Woof and I’s experience: I kept treats next to me. It came in handy when he tried to get up. I told him to sit. Gave him a treat. Then he was ready for boot wearing.

3.     Ruffwear Tip: Break in the boots. Dogs will need to build up a tolerance to the boots just like human shoes.  Take your dog for short walks prior to your first long adventure with the boots.

Woof Woof and I’s experience: I let him walk around the house first. I’ll take him on short walks I them before hiking or snowy walks this winter. Boots take practice.

4.     Make sure the boots fit. Measure your dog’s paw width (front and back) carefully prior to purchasing the boots.  A good fit maximizes comfort and will ensure the boots stay on the paws through rigorous exercise.  Many of our customers are surprised to find out that a 100 pound dog can actually fit any size from  X-Small to Large, so don’t assume you know your dogs foot size. Overall dog size doesn’t translate to paw and boot size.  Click here for more sizing instruction.

Woof Woof and I’s experience: He as big paws for his size. It was good we measured. To make the try on experience comfortable, I made sure I opened the top enough for is paw to easily step in.

5.       Use boot liners. Boot liners will not only enhance the fit of the boots, they will help keep your dog comfortable by softening any potential abrasion spots, insulating the boot, and wicking moisture away from the paw.

Woof Woof and I’s experience: We haven’t used bootliners yet, but it’s essentially the same as socks for humans. Boots are always more comfortable for me with socks. So Woof Woof and I agree.

Woof Woof Travels
Woof Woof, a 6-month mini schnauzer, is our official travel blogger. He travels the world reviewing hotels, restaurants and his experiences. Check out his columns every Wednesday. The column is co-written by his dog parent, travel writer Reyna Gobel. Her travel articles have published in Costco Connection, Southwest Spirit, American Way, and Hemispheres.


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