What You Need To Know About Traveling With Pets During Winter

3 Unusual Tips For Driving Long Distances With Pets in the Winter

Written by:  Amber Kingsley

Recently we posted some important information about travelling with your pet through the busy terminal at JFK international airport, but if you’ll be taking your four-legged friend with you via an automobile this winter, there’s some more tips you should know before taking on this venture. While we’re all aware of the dangers of an animal trapped in a hot car during the summer months, old man winter can carry some unique dangers of his own.

First off, whether it’s January or July, you should never leave a pet unattended in an automobile, no matter how briefly you’ll be gone. Forget about the elements for just a moment, there’s also a possibility of your animal being stolen, even if you lock your vehicle.

 Since this information is a little on the obvious side, let’s take a look at a few lesser known perils and tips when it comes to travelling with your pets during this much cooler time of the year:

#1 – Serious Pit Stop Pitfall
We all need to make some stops while we’re travelling whether we’re relieving ourselves or replenishing ourselves with food or drink. When it comes to water, make sure your animal never drinks from puddles, gutters or other places where there is standing water, especially at rest stops, parking lots and other areas frequented by other automobiles.

There is a chance, albeit remote, that your pet could consume antifreeze (or another toxic liquid) that may have leaked from other vehicles. For example, if a dog (or cat) ingests just a couple of tablespoons of antifreeze, they could die in just a few short hours. The only sure fire way of protecting them from this poison is to make sure they never consume it in the first place.

#2 – Circulation Concerns
If you’re keeping your pet confined to a crate when travelling, although this is perhaps one of the safest places for them in a vehicle, if you think you’re doing them a favor keeping the windows closed and heater running for their comfort, think again.

According to a recent report, air circulation inside your car is important to all your passengers, especially for a dog or cat travelling in a crate. The same is true for packing items around or near their carrier that could obstruct their breathing and make them very uncomfortable. Pack accordingly to ensure your pet has plenty of circulation to keep them safe.

 As you probably already know, on our home page, you can search for pet-friendly places for you and your furbaby to stay while you’re out on the road, but you can also find some other options for animal friendly locales while you’re travelling. Think of mapping out your travel plans that will take you through (or more precisely to) certain destinations during your journey that will benefit your pets as well.

 For instance, you can also search for places to stop that are animal-orientated or allow pets on their premises. There are many eateries with outdoor venues like patios that will let you bring Fido or Fluffy on their property. Granted you’ll have to keep your dog (or cat) on a leash, but they’ll still be with you and not left alone and unprotected in your car.

 We all make some special exceptions, go out of our way a little and alter our plans to accommodate family members and friends while we’re driving. Since our pets are also a part of our family, the same considerations should apply to them as well.

 Happy holidays and safe travels!


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